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In a chaotic future Tokyo, a young aspiring chef is employed by four beautiful mercenaries.
Spoiler warning!<br/><br/>Like a lot of people say the series is Crap or Is not worth it, its by far a work of art. its a series that has Themes and ideals that most people tend to say &quot;Oh that wont work&quot; or &quot;God that will never do&quot;. The show breaches on many aspects of viewers, as you watch the show you get enticed and somewhat enslaved by the TV. The show is set in a Japan that has well lost all sense of right and wrong, although to some its just some Girls slinging Guns, its a show about love, Finding Who you are and sadness well not forgetting the Action, but the show shows each person with light, showing there past and there future, its what every show needs.<br/><br/>If your into a show that has you Deeming from Right to wrong, keeping you on the edge of your Couch and has Both Romance and Death *Not to forget the Times you just break out laughing* then this is right, A show based in a Tokyo where you have to be strong to live, Where the government is oppressive, and where You just have to Carry a gun. Its a Show that takes So many ideas that Writers and Critics say won&#39;t do, and places them in a Way they will. <br/><br/>Its a show for those that are well More open minded and don&#39;t stick to a Curtain Theme and like to watch thing&#39;s and enjoy them I think Story Matters more then theme but that&#39;s just me, although they do work hand in hand.<br/><br/>*My own Little thought was &quot;Think of it as japan after a War/Nuke where Guns have become legal for anyone, Completely taking japans stance on weapons away, Like the USA&quot;
Let me just summarize this in a few key statements that will hopefully turn you away from this show before it&#39;s to late. <br/><br/>cowboy hats on bad cgi robots pointless characters backasswards plot &quot;development&quot; more pointless characters<br/><br/>An earlier review compared this to Trigun? Well if you mean this show had a few cowboy hats, and that Trigun is a epic (and extremely entertaining) space western than yes…they have that in common (save the fact that Burst Angel is absolutely terrible). <br/><br/>The only thing this anime had going for it was half a chub, and in all fairness…we deserve better than that. Do yourself a favor and steer clear my friends…if you really want a treat…go watch Trigun.

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