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The Jockstrap Raiders takes place during World War I in Leeds, England. A group of underdog misfits are excluded from the war due to various abnormalities. Threatened by the invading German Kaiser and his army, they must learn to become a team and overcome their deficiencies in order to save Britain and the world.
With the 100th anniversary of the First World War commemorations about to happen this year expect an awful lot of grief whoring from the usual suspects . This computer generated animated short might be the perfect antithesis . Set in 1918 it sees the allied forces firmly routed in Europe and the Germans are building a bridge across the English channel which leads to a group of Rugby players from Leeds who are too inept for military service building their own planes and taking the battle to the Huns . Yeah okay it&#39;s not supposed to be realistic or historically accurate but is supposed to be fun which it achieves to a degree . Isay to a degree because the story and situations involved go very much over the top and are farcical but no one said cartoons were supposed to be serious . If you&#39;re the sort of miserable type who attends anti-war meetings in order to meet other socially inept and ostracised muppets with no sense of humour and more especially no experience of conflict who thinks the topic of war is too grim to laugh at then tough . You will hate this short <br/><br/>What is interesting about this animated short is that it&#39;s actually American and was produced by the UCLA . I did notice the narrator had a slight American twang but apart from that the other accents are acceptable . When I say acceptable I don&#39;t mean they&#39;re convincing but don&#39;t sound like an American voice strangling a regional British accent . It&#39;s also rare for any American media to not rewrite history by saying American involvement was entirely single handed and a war was won solely by America so this is a nice throwback to the days when Britain won wars and celebrated the fact and were recognised for it
Hard to believe that this is an American short film because it has a great deal in common with the Aardman films of Chicken Run and Pirates etc. The plot sees a group of misfits who were not fit to serve in the military for one reason or another (drunk, flat feet, giant rat – the usual) who suddenly find that they are the last line of defense for these Great British isles as the Germans are building a bridge, the cunning devils. The Leeds Raiders decide they need a master plan to overcome.<br/><br/>Although it is a little bit a case of &quot;almost but not perfect&quot;, this film deserves credit for what it does well even if it does fall a bit short. The animation, for example, is really good for a short film, although it never totally gets away from the feel of being lower-end CGI more in common with mass produced cheapy kids TV shows rather than high end films (although of course for a short to produce that is also an achievement). The animation does still work and generally looks good, but it is close to where it needed to be, just not quite there. The material is the same because it is funny and enjoyable but while it needs to be near the silly line, it often goes over it a bit too far and is too silly to really be as funny as it could have been.<br/><br/>The voice work is mostly good (particularly for an American short) and generally the film is amusing and done with good spirit and creation. With more resources and polish it could have been stronger, but for what it is it is still really very well done and well worth a look.

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