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Two young men from the same town but different social classes end up as fighter pilots in WW1. Jack Preston is a keen auto mechanic, building and modifying cars. David Armstrong comes from a wealthy family. They are both in love with the same woman, Sylvia. Her heart belongs to David but she doesn't let Jack know and plays along with his infatuation. Meanwhile, Jack's neighbour, Mary, is deeply in love with him but he just views her as a friend. WW1 interrupts the romantic entanglements as Jack and David enlist in the US Army Air Service (Air Service of the AEF at the time). They are initially bitter enemies, due to them both vying for Sylvia's affections. Over time, however, they become very good friends. They are both posted to the same fighter squadron in France, where being a fighter pilot means every day could easily be your last.
Two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I.
Wings is a silent film dedicated to the airmen in World War I who lost their lives during service. Fortunately it is more than just a propaganda film. The film focuses on three main characters: Two young men who go off to war and join the aviators and a woman who joins as a nurse. The story is told in rather abrupt chucks and lacks the smooth flow from scene to scene. The characters develop at unnatural stages because of the story telling. The story itself is interesting and if told right would be excellent. However due to poor editing the film seems unnatural and boring at times. I would recommend this film to anyone who interested in silent films or the development of war movies.<br/><br/>Would suggest over this:<br/><br/>For Old Propaganda War Movie: Sergeant York<br/><br/>For Old War Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front<br/><br/>For Silent Film with Good Editing: Metropolis
Wings is a fantastic film with some of the best airplane effects I&#39;ve ever seen. And the effects rightfully won an Oscar. <br/><br/>Clara Bow plays a woman who has both of her sweethearts go off to fight in World War One. Charles &quot;Buddy&quot; Rogers and Richard Arlen are the two men.<br/><br/>They&#39;re both pilots and begin at a camp with fellow pilot Gary Cooper. The two men become friends and don&#39;t know that they&#39;re trying to go after the same girl.<br/><br/>It has a simple, but interesting story and it&#39;s one of the best films ever made. This is one of those movies where you actually care for every character and when something bad happens or one of them is in danger, you&#39;re on the edge of your seat and praying that everything will be all right. <br/><br/>The film deservedly won the first award for Best Picture in the 1927-28 Oscar season.

It&#39;s an explosive charge placed at the end of a long, flexible tube used in clearing mines, barbed wire, and other obstructions. In World War I, they were usually 5 foot long threaded pipes and combat engineers were able to keep adding pipe from the relative safety of a trench. The basic design is still in use today.
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