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Master Chief must defend Earth from invading Covenant forces.
The last protectorates of the outer colonies are destroyed; now Earth is all alone. After the destruction of Halo, the Master Chief and Cortana heads home for Earth. And the Covenant finds their way to earth to eliminate the human race. The Master Chief is their last hope.
I was a big halo 1 fan, I loved the game loved the story and thought it was amazing. Halo 1 was defiantly the golden-eye of next gen. But is halo 2.<br/><br/>GAMEPLAY 8/10 - Gameplay was fun a big improvement from the last game in every way. But nothing really new was added to the game play making it pretty much the same thing just more crafted. But it was still fun and I enjoyed it. Even though it was very repetitive just like the first game. and there really wasn&#39;t much to the game play besides killing mindless aliens.<br/><br/>GRAPHICS 9/10 - Graphics where well done, a big improvement from the first game considering the fact that both where made for the same system. All the models and textures where well done. Defiantly well done.<br/><br/>STORY 4/10 - Stroy, here is where the game loses its points. The story was rushed. The first game was simple and full of surprize&#39;s. Halo 2 added all these new creatures and all these new halo rings and characters that didn&#39;t really fit. The game didn&#39;t really have a ending and if it did it sucked. Also because the story lacked the levels lacked and you didn&#39;t really know what you where playing for. Also the game is WAY TO EASY. The first time through can take an average person under 10 hours no problem.<br/><br/>Muilty player 10/10 - Muilty player was defiantly an improvement from the last one. IT fixed up all the problems with the last one and made it 10 times better. This is the only reason people will play this game after they beat it.<br/><br/>OVERALL 7/10 - I know I gave a lot of it good reviews but I still feel like there was something missing in this sequel. Something that the first game had and this game doesn&#39;t. People always think that if it has good graphics it makes it a good game, there wrong its game play and the game play was to much of the same. The first game was repetitive and this game was pretty much the same as the first but better graphics.<br/><br/>and story is an important part because it motivates you to beat the level and helps you know what your playing for. But the only reason people beat this game was hoping the story would get good, or just to tell there friends they beat HALO 2.
This game is surely my favorite game ever. I just can&#39;t wait for Halo3 to come out, when i watched the trailer for halo3 i started crying. Me and my friend play this game until we throw up NO JOKE! The last commenter on this game I SO AGREE IF YOU HAVE AN XBOX AND DON&#39;T HAVE THIS GAME SLAP YOURSELF TILL YOU TURN RED! Me and my friend also make this a real funny game with the comments we make on it, like she says that all the huge ones are her friends and i tell her that her friends like killing me. all the people who voted this a 1 or even a 9 all suck because this game is awesome awesome enough for a full out 10. OK the sad thing is me and my friend can beat halo2 like three times in a row but halo the original twice it should be the other way around or both three times in a row, but actually in fact our record for beating halo2 was 10 times in a row but we spent like 20 hours i think it was that was when about a year ago. We have the best time playing this game, this came isn&#39;t scary if you have the right sense of mind, all though i was never scared of it so i guess i always had the right sense of mind, you just jump when things pop out in front of you. I love playing this game so much it is THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! if you don&#39;t think so then that&#39;s to bad for you. I hope this has helped you in choosing if you want to try out this game I HOPE YOU DO! GO MASTER CHIEF KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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